Welcome to the ChemEng blog

chemeng blog logoFollowing the successful ChemEng365 campaign by IChemE Past President, Professor Geoff Maitland, IChemE will continue blogging under a new name – ChemEng blog.

This blog will promote the importance and contribution of chemical engineering to society in improving quality of life for all. It’s mission is to shine a light on chemical engineering by sharing good news stories, research, topical issues and much more.



13 thoughts on “Welcome to the ChemEng blog”

    1. Hi Mark. Please could you contact our Member Communities team which supports our members groups and special interest groups and they can advise on this. If you’re wishing to arrange face-to-face meetings for a member group, please email membergroups@icheme.org. Or if it’s for a special interest group, please email specialinterestgroups@icheme.org. Thanks.


  1. I completed my diploma in chemical
    So I have doing dgree or job
    Give me your best suggestion


    1. Hi Siddarth, thanks for your comment. I’d recommend having a look at the Early Career section of our website for more advice and resources, including a link to The Chemical Engineer Jobs Board: https://www.icheme.org/career/early-career/ Wish you the best of luck in your career journey as it progresses.

      If you’re not already an IChemE member, you could also have a look at our membership page (https://www.icheme.org/membership/) to find a suitable membership for you. Being a member of IChemE means you have access to a range of technical and professional development resources and it opens you up to our network of 33,000 members, as well as more localised support through our members groups and special interest groups, who can support your development too. Hope this helps!


  2. Can you please provide more context on graduate routes/programs and an insight of a typical grad student role after successfully attaining a chemical engineering degree


    1. You can find more information on post-graduate opportunities, resources and information for young members of IChemE at https://www.icheme.org/career/information-and-advice-for-young-members/

      There are many opportunities and a wide variety of sectors for chemical engineers to work in. Here are some examples showcasing the types of careers:

      Chemical engineering careers in the bioeconomy: a selection of career profiles: https://www.icheme.org/about-us/press-releases/new-biosector-careers-profiles-launched-to-inspire-students/

      ChemEngProfiles – sharing the passion for chemical engineering: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4HzhwJDIG9KY1FSAkxmXAfWQ31QwIc9y

      WhyNotChemEng – Meet the chemical engineers: https://www.icheme.org/education/whynotchemeng/meet-the-chemical-engineers/


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