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  1. I am interested in information regarding admission qualification(educational,age,industrial experience) and also fee structure. And whether this membership is equivalent to university bachelors degree in chem engg.?


  2. Blogs need to take a stance and hold a viewpoint rather than diary format. I find it informative but blogs are more than that.
    Readers don’t have to do anything to see another blog as the 365 occurs every single day risking perception as background wallpaper not ‘hold the front page’ sense of impact. ..


  3. I think daily is too frequent. A weekly blog (plus possible additions when appropriate) would be more manageable for the readers (and I suspect the writers).


  4. Congratulation for The energy grand challenges and our international Energy Centre launch. Queen’s University Belfast will organize a big conference on Energy (How Will Energy Change The Future Landscape) on 20 May 2015, and the key note will be professor David Rooney. we will be delighted if you honour us to attend the conference
    here is the link for the conference


  5. Happy BirthDay Geoff and thanks for ‘window’ on your day … Caroline Brownlie


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