Chemical Engineering Matters

Chemical Engineering Matters, IChemE’s technical strategy, outlines the impact of the chemical engineering discipline in the 21st century. The report describes the thinking behind everything that IChemE is doing to support its members and promote the profession internationally.

It is intended to provoke debate and stimulate activity and engagement both within the profession and beyond it.

The strategy addresses four key challenge areas facing society and the world today:

  • water
  • energy
  • food and nutrition
  • health and wellbeing

It outlines the scope, application and implications for chemical engineering in a series of ‘vistas’ examining activity across these four areas. You can view the ‘vistas’ on water, energy, food and wellbeing here.

IChemE members engaging with the energy 'vista'
IChemE members engaging with the energy ‘vista’

Now in its second edition, Chemical Engineering Matters reflects member feedback and reports on progress made since it was first published in 2013.

Significantly, it identifies eight priority action areas for IChemE. These actions will underpin the institution’s work programmes in the years ahead.

You can download the Chemical Engineering Matters report here.


5 thoughts on “Chemical Engineering Matters”

  1. Hi,
    I am working with energy industry.
    I have done diploma in chemical engineering. I want to serve people .


  2. Hi tidimalo
    By this time you might have complited yourChemical Enginnering. How do you feel now? I am sure your decision was very right and you might be working on this direction
    Best wishes for your future endeveours .
    I am aprofessor of chemical engineeirng teaching Chemical Engineering for 40+ years


  3. I am a Chemical engineering undergraduate from India.I want to work on recycling waste water from our sewerage to convert it into drinkable water and wish to gain more knowledge in this field by some work experience.How should I choose my career path?


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