‘Out of this world’ next generation batteries – IChemE Young Researcher Award Winner 2018

Donal Finegan from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory was presented with the Young Researcher Award at the IChemE Global Awards 2018.

Having studied a degree in chemical engineering, Finegan diverged into energy systems. His research explores the performance and safety of lithium batteries, primarily looking at why they fail.

His innovation and insights have had direct positive impacts on the design of next generation Li-ion batteries, as well as advanced energy systems, including some of NASA’s manned space applications.

Finegan explains more on his work and his delight at his recognition in this video:

Do you know a researcher who is helping to address important economic, environmental or social issues? Then why not enter them for the IChemE Global Awards 2019.

Submit your entry by 12 July 2019 online at: www.icheme.org/awards

This video was produced by CMA Video.

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