Revolutionising the food and dairy industry – IChemE Food and Drink Award Winner 2018

Monash University in Australia walked away with the award in the Food and Drink category at IChemE Global Awards 2018 for their project, Collaborative Food and Dairy Research.

Its process engineers have been working on a large-scale project at an international level, trying to find ways to revolutionise the dairy industry by looking into the process optimisation of spray-drying, especially for dairy powder. This research project has already enabled their commerical partners to process greater than 70% of Australia’s milk.

Cordelia Selomulya who has been leading on the collaborative research project shares how chemical engineering plays a key role in the optimisation of spray-drying and improving sustainability. Find out more in this video:

If you have an innovative project that is worthy of an IChemE Global Award 2019, then submit your work here:

Entries are open until 12 July 2019.

This video was produced by CMA Video.

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