IChemE X ExxonMobil – sharing the passion for chemical engineering

This week we showcased six videos as part of our latest #ChemEngProfiles series, which were recorded last year with ExxonMobil UK. ExxonMobil are one of the top employers of chemical engineers, and one of the biggest oil and gas corporations in the world. The company has 19 refineries worldwide, one of which is based in Fawley, Hampshire, UK. They are also one of our Gold Corporate Partners.

In this brand new series, five of ExxonMobil’s chemical engineers,tell us what they love about their job, why working towards or achieving chartered status is important to them, and how the company is investing in the next generation of chemical engineers.

1. Chemical engineering matters at ExxonMobil

“Chemical engineering matters because chemical engineers are going to be essential to solving some of the worlds biggest challenges we currently face.” – Chris Taylor, Operations Support Group Supervisor, Fawley, UK

2. Being a Chartered Chemical Engineer at ExxonMobil

“Having done a chemical engineering degree, spending a lot of time at university and studying, I thought that being Chartered was really that final qualification to say that I really am qualified as an engineer.” – Alison Segun, BREF Manager (European Environmental Legislation), Fawley, UK

3. Meet the chemical engineers working at ExxonMobil

“My day-today role involves optimising the process, making improvements and troubleshooting issues.” – Olivia Malpiedi, Butyl Contact Engineer, Fawley, UK

4. Getting Chartered – advice from ExxonMobil’s chemical engineers

“My advice would be to be very deliberate about it, don’t wait for things to happen accidentally, be very structured in your training and keep a record of everything.” – Simon Downing, Refinery Manager, Fawley, UK

5. Why is an Accredited Company Training Scheme (ACTS) important to ExxonMobil?

“The company has organised IChemE visits and some presentations about becoming Chartered. We’ve also had an assigned mentor since the day we started with the company.” – Katie Rice, Chemicals and LPG Scheduler, Fawley, UK

6. Working at ExxonMobil as a chemical engineer

“What are the main benefits of working with ExxonMobil? For me it was working for company that had a global reach and also would give me the opportunities to do a wide range of roles.” – Sue Pollard, Refining Process Platform Manager, Houston, Texas, US

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