One thought on “Guest Blog: ‘Stand Up and Speak Out’ for chemical engineering”

  1. “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” ― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Similarly we learn from meetings on “Engineers and the Media” that we do not learn from meetings on “Engineers and the Media”.

    I agree with what Yasmin Ali says but the only point is we learned this 10 years ago. In general the only engineers who can comment fast enough for the media are: academics, retirees and consultants. Academics have a lot of useful things to say but do not know much about the industrial world, retirees’ knowledge soon goes out of date and consultants are paid by the hour so that are reluctant to speak unless it can be done quickly.

    We knew all of this when I got the ChemEnvoy of year award in 2007 but we do not seem to have built a strategy around these points.

    My suggested way forward is to have a number of industrial retirees as spokepersons who are backed up by academics and consultants who can be named and a number of informed sources who cannot be named by are prepared to pass on some “off the record” information to the spokesperson.

    Let’s stop learning what we already know and use this information to build a strategy,


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