Five great reasons to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta

You’ll probably know by now that IChemE exists to advance chemical engineering worldwide and the reason is a simple one – chemical engineering matters. As such, it’s important  to highlight some areas where the Institution and its 42,000 members make a difference.

Graduation hatsThe first is to inspire the next generation of chemical engineers, particularly young women. Because let’s face it, who else is going to solve the grand challenges of the 21st century and beyond?  And the more diverse the chemical engineering workforce, the better.

Next, we need to promote the wide variety of careers available within the broad spectrum of chemical engineering to improve graduate retention in the process industries.

Finally, we need to stress the importance of achieving chartership and continuing professional development (CPD) throughout a fruitful and rewarding chemical engineering career.

And what better way to do this than to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth? Through our ChemEngProfiles videos, you can listen to our members share their passion for chemical engineering.

syngenta bannerToday’s blog focusses on what it’s like to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta – one of the world’s leading agrochemical companies and also one of IChemE’s Bronze Corporate Partners.

So without further ado, here’s five reasons to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta:

(1) You can be responsible for making a process profitable

Dan Clarke, a process engineer at Syngenta, explains how chemical engineers are usually the ones who make a process profitable. Listen to him talk agitators, scale-up and scale down here:

(2) Chemical engineers at Syngenta have the skills and knowledge to grow more from less

Kay Challis, a process technology manager, explains how chemical and process engineers make the most of what resources there are – at Syngenta, it’s about growing food for a growing population:

(3) You can enjoy career progression on an IChemE accredited company training scheme

Michael Bryce, a process engineer at Syngenta, talks about his career progression and how he is getting experience in a range of different areas, including working on a feasibility study for a new herbicide formation plant:

(4) Travel the world and work with a variety of people from a diversity of cultures

Patrick Piccione, Syngenta fellow group leader, explains why chemical engineering is at the heart of every product on the supermarket shelf, and how his job has taken him to the US, Korea, Singapore and Switzerland:

(5) Create solutions to many of the challenges facing the world today

Steve Girt, site process engineer at Syngenta, talks about the development of new products in ethical and sustainable ways and how his job has always remained interesting and exciting:

IChemE is delighted to share five great reasons to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta.  Now it’s your turn. Our challenge to you is for you to share your passion for chemical engineering – whether it be via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram … Tell us why chemical engineering matters to you using the hashtag #thepassion

One thought on “Five great reasons to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta”

  1. Hi, I’m a young lady from South Africa doing my in-service training at the moment. I love chemical engineering and will like to how can I sign up for ichem? I want to inspire people to study chemical engineering in my area.


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