why-not-chemeng-logoModern society relies on the work of chemical, biochemical and process engineers – they help manage resources, protect the environment and control health and safety procedures, while developing the processes that make the products we desire or depend on.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is all about changing raw materials into useful products you use everyday in a safe and cost effective way. For example petrol, plastics and synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, all come from oil.

Chemical engineers understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, to create everything from face creams to fuels.

Process engineering

Many chemical engineers become process engineers when they graduate and start their career. Process engineering is essentially the application of chemical engineering principles to optimise the design, operation and control of chemical processes. Since this requires equipment design and selection, mechanical engineers may also be employed as process engineers.

Benefits and salaries

Chemical engineering is a degree that is well respected in industry and commerce and will equip you with skills that are easily transferable and highly sought after.

For this reason job prospects are excellent and often involve the chance to reach senior managerial positions at a young age.

A career in chemical or biochemical engineering includes:

  • excellent job prospects
  • competitive starting salaries
  • high earning potential throughout your career
  • opportunities to travel
  • plenty of variety and exciting challenges
  • the potential to help create a sustainable planet

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