Sharing knowledge on sustainability, safety and digitalisation

Following the identification of the Learned Society’s priority topics earlier in the year, IChemE has launched a new website area to focus on Responsible Production, Major Hazards Management and Digitalisation.

We caught up with Alexandra Meldrum to find out more.

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GUEST BLOG: Climate Action Plans

As we develop plans to promote the contributions of IChemE and chemical engineering to help mitigate climate change on a worldwide stage, in this blog Claire MacLeod, of IChemE’s Learned Society Committee Responsible Production Working Group, urges members to get involved.

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Addressing the Grand Challenges

Our mission, as set out in Strategy 2024, is to be a vibrant learned society that addresses the grand challenges.

IChemE’s principal technical committee, the Learned Society Committee (LSC), has been tasked with engaging IChemE’s members around delivering this.

LSC has prioritised focussing its initial work on responsible production, major hazard identification and management, and digitalisation. Below are the initial interpretations of these priorities.

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