GUEST BLOG: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) and IChemE

In this blog, IChemE Trustee Macsene Isles-Ahite shares her vision for ED&I in IChemE and across the chemical engineering community.

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GUEST BLOG: Individual Case Procedure

At IChemE we’re undertaking a series of projects that aim to improve member services, service delivery and the sustainability of our Institution.

One of these is an overarching project called Programme SMART which, as IChemE’s Vice President of Qualifications Ainslie Just discussed in our recent blog, aims to deliver sustainable membership growth.

In today’s blog, Rob Best who is the Chair of the Individual Case Procedure Task and Finish Group, provides an update on one of the projects in the “Flexible Pathways to Membership” area of Programme SMART.

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Programme SMART (Sustainable Membership Achieved via Robust Transactions) is a group of four member-led projects designed to deliver sustainable membership growth.

When it was initiated in 2017, members were consulted and webinars were held to inform the membership of its aims.

We’re now beginning to deliver some of the changes and so we wanted to provide an update on progress of the projects, and we will continue to do this via The Chemical Engineer and this blog throughout 2020.

In today’s blog, IChemE Vice President (Qualifications) Ainslie Just provides more detail on Programme SMART and its progress.

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