Breaking through the nano-barrier (Day 162)

One of the surprising aspects of my search for some of the best chemical engineering stories across the world is the role of the profession in the fight against disease and serious injury.

Working alongside medical professionals, chemical engineers appear to be innovating at a prodigious rate. There are some excellent stories to tell and the media knows that health and wellbeing issues are of great interest to the public.

TissueOne of the latest innovations to grab the attention of the media is some work by researchers at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

They have broken new ground in the development of proteins that form specialised fibers used in medicine and nanotechnology.

Currently, knowledge exists to create new proteins that are capable of self-assembling into fibers, but only on the nanoscale.

For the first time, this achievement has been realised on the microscale—a leap of magnitude in size that presents significant new opportunities for using engineered protein fibers. Continue reading Breaking through the nano-barrier (Day 162)