Be inspired to advance process safety worldwide

Each year hundreds of professionals gather to be a part of our flagship process safety conference Hazards.

Process safety is fundamental to chemical, biochemical and process engineers. IChemE’s three-day event encourages them to come together and discuss: the current best practice, the latest developments, lessons learned in the process industry, and how to make operations even safer.

The conference was first held in 1960, and is now is an annual event. Hazards brings together around 100 presenters from leading industry practitioners, researchers and regulators, as well as keynote speakers invited from industry.

There are various workshops held throughout the conference. And it’s an opportunity for participants attending to learn more about the latest process safety related products and services being exhibited by organisations from across the globe.

It also allows professionals in the industry the chance to share their experiences of how process safety is being implemented at their plant, so that everyone can benefit. This could be, for example, on recent design challenges and how they were solved, changes to systems and procedures following an incident, or approaches to safety culture and leadership.

We’re now calling for papers for anyone interested in speaking at next year’s conference, Hazards 28, especially those who are managing risk within operating companies on a daily basis. You can submit a paper on one of these themes: engineering and design, systems and procedures, knowledge and competence, human factors, assurance, safety culture, and environmental protection.

We’ve also launched some videos talking to delegates and presenters to find out why they attend and speak at Hazards.

So, don’t just take our word for it – be inspired by what professionals in the industry have to say about what they get out of it.

What is Hazards – and why does it matter?

“This conference is a great way of disseminating knowledge, keeping our network of community together and, by attending technical talks and the keynote talks, you get to keep yourself up to date.

“It makes our industry a safer industry and we can all benefit from it.”


Why present at Hazards?

“You’re presenting thought-provoking, new ideas and trying to push the frontiers of how this whole field might evolve in the future.”


Hazards 28 takes place on 15–17 May 2018 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to present at Hazards 28 you’ll need to submit an abstract of your paper explaining the topic you’d like to present by 22 September.

For more information or to submit an abstract, visit

10 things chemical engineers learned from #Hazards27

Risk will never be eliminated, but it can be greatly reduced.

Our flagship process safety conference Hazards continues to build momentum and we were pleased to welcome over 300 delegates to Hazards 27, at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, UK, last week. Various speakers, workshops and exhibitors from across the world gave excellent insight, advice and tips into the ways to review process safety practices, and useful services and products that could help improve process safety performance.

One of the most anticipated talks of the conference is the Trevor Kletz memorial lecture. Last year, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave gave some great insight into the RAF Nimrod enquiry, and how it could be applied to engineering. This year Formula 1 Analyst Mark Gallagher took to the stage, drawing parallels between risk management in the world of motorsport and the process industries.

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Ten things we learned at Hazards 26

IChemE’s flagship process safety symposium, known far and wide simply as ‘Hazards‘, goes from strength to strength. From its modest beginnings in Manchester, England in the 1960’s the event has grown into an international brand attracting delegates to conferences in Europe, Australasia and South East Asia.

Last month we welcomed over 300 delegates to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for Hazards 26a three-day event that featured some notable keynote speakers, who offered some powerful insights on a wide range of process safety topics.

Those who were fortunate to have a ticket for the biggest process safety event in Europe this year, went back to their day jobs armed with valuable lessons in how to improve process safety performance.  But for those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a flavour of the key messages that were delivered by the keynote speakers and some of the big names who were present in Edinburgh.

  1. We forget the past at our peril

Haddon-Cave 1

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Relevance in a Changing World

On 24 May 2016 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Professor Jonathan Seville was inaugurated as IChemE President for 2016-17. The Executive Dean of Engineering at University of Surrey delivered his Presidential Address on the subject of relevance. Jonathan challenged us all to think: how will the Institution and the profession stay relevant in a world that is rapidly changing?

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A global ring of safety (Day 80)

Step by step, day by day, country by country, something special is happening in the world of process safety. In chemical engineering hubs around the world, process safety is being taken to new levels led by a network of IChemE members.

There are now nearly 70 chemical engineers enrolled or registered as Professional Process Safety Engineers based at strategic locations on five continents.

They are the vanguard and champions of a long-term IChemE initiative to improve safety and give greater recognition to one of the most important – if the not the most important – discipline in the chemical engineering profession.

Locations of Professional Process Safety Engineers

IChemE’s Professional Process Safety Engineers are now located on five continents

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