IChemE Books – All you want for Christmas?

Journals in a libraryFor many years, IChemE was a stand-alone publisher of chemical engineering books and had a small but dedicated team of staff administering the process. More recently, we have conducted our publishing activities in partnership with Elsevier. This has seen the introduction of many new titles, while other successful titles with Elsevier have been adopted by the joint programme.

However, there is still a lengthy back catalogue of titles which were published by IChemE prior to our Elsevier partnership. They are unfortunately at the stage where they are getting a little out of date. But just like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, neither is chemical engineering knowledge! That is why we would like to work with our members to develop new and updated editions for some of these titles.

Initial feedback is that some of the books below are still incredibly useful to our members, and new editions would be a good initiative. But which titles do you think need updating first? Which are the best of the bunch?

Please see below all the books currently on the IChemE back catalogue. We would value your feedback on which titles you would most like to see a new edition of, and why.

To tell us, simply comment below or send an email to communications@icheme.org

We are looking to collate the feedback at the end of January 2018.


A Biofuels Compendium, Green Energy SIG

Ammonia Toxicity Monograph – Major Hazards Monograph          

An Engineer’s View of Human Error, 3rd Edition (Paperback), Trevor Kletz

Atmospheric Dispersion  European Process Safety Centre


Benchmarking in the Process Industries, Munir Ahmad and Roger Benson

By Accident… A Life Preventing Them in Industry, Trevor Kletz


Carriage of Bulk Oil & Chemicals at Sea, K.J. Rawson

Case Studies in Environmental Technology, Paul Sharratt and Michael Sparshott

Chemical Reaction Hazards – A Guide to Safety, 2nd Edition, John Barton

Classification of Hazardous Locations (Paperback), A.W. Cox and Frank Lees

Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists (4th Edition)    

Computer Control & Human Error, Trevor Kletz

Consultancy – An Engineer’s Guide to Getting Started (3rd Edition), Henry Rowson & David Wright

Containment Systems – A Design Guide,  Nigel Hirst and Mike Brocklebank

Cutting Water & Effluent Costs,  John S. Hills


Decommissioning, Mothballing & Revamping, Stan Buck, Mike Briggs

Developing Effective Safety Systems, Ian G. Wallace

Don’t Forget the Environment, Rod Perriman

Dust & Fume Control – A User Guide, Revised (2nd Edition), Dana M. Muir

Dust explosion prevention and protection – A practical guide, Katherine Barton


Economic Evaluation of Projects, 3rd edition (Paperback), Derek H. Allen

Emissions & Your Licence to Operate, Rodney Perriman

Explosions in the Process Industries – Major Hazards Monograph 


Financial Evaluation of Environmental Investments, Tuula Moilanen and Christopher Martin

Fluid Mechanics – Worked Examples for Engineers, Carl Schaschke


Guide to Capital Cost Estimating, 4th Edition, A. M. Gerrard


Handling Uncertainty – A Guide for Professionals in the Process Industries, Mike Briggs

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, G.L. Wells

Hazard Identification Methods, Frank Crawley and Brian Tyler

Hazardous Substances on Spillage, David Carter

HAZOP and HAZAN, Identifying and Assessing Process Industry, Trevor A. Kletz



Learning from Accidents, 3rd Edition, Trevor A. Kletz

Lessons From Disaster – How Organisations Have No Memory and Accidents Recur, Trevor A. Kletz


Maintenance of Process Plant, 2nd Edition, Arthur Townsend

Major Accidents to the Environment: A Practical Guide to the Seveso II-Directive, Ivan Vince

Major Hazards & Their Management, Geoff Wells

Management of Process Industry Waste, B.D. Crittenden and Richard Bahu

Measurement of Crystal Growth & Nucleation Rates, 2nd Edition, John Garside; Alfons Mersmann; Jaroslav Nyvlt

Monitoring & Control of Fermenters, Gary Montague


Nomenclature for Hazard and Risk Assessment, 2nd Edition, David Jones


People Pipes & Processes, Don Freshwater

Pharmaceutical Production – An Engineering Guide, Bill Bennett and Graham Cole

Phosgene Toxicity Monograph – Major Hazards Monograph          

Physical Property Data Book for Engineers and Scientists, David Shallcross

Plant Integrity Assessment by Acoustic Emission Testing, Stuart Hewerdine

Prevention of Fires & Explosions in Dryers – A User Guide, John Abbott

Process Industry Economics – An International Perspective, David J Brennan

Process Plant Commissioning, 2nd Edition, David Horsley

Process Risk and Reliability Management, Ian Sutton

Process Safety Analysis – An Introduction, R.P. Skelton

Process Utility Systems – Introduction to Design, Operation and Maintenance, Jack Broughton

Process Vessels Subject to Explosion Risk – Design Guideline, Stan Pilkington

Project Management for the Process Industries, Gillian Lawson, S. H. Wearne, Peter Iles-Smith

Project Management Toolkit – Supporting Success at Every Stage, Trish Melton


Quality Assurance – A Guide to the Application of ISO9001 to Process Plant Projects, Fred Owen, Derek Maidment


Relief Systems Handbook, Cyril Parry

Remedial Processes for Contaminated Land, Malcolm Pratt

Risk Assessment in the Process Industries, 2nd Edition, Robin Pitblado


Scaling Up – The Institution of Chemical Engineers and The Rise of a New Profession, Colin Divall and Sean F. Johnston

Strategies for Effective Maintenance, Mike Briggs and Chris Atkinson

Sulphur Trioxide Oleum and Sulphuric Acid Mist Monograph, Richard Griffiths


Thermal Radiation 2 – The Physiological and Pathological Effects


User Guide for the Safe Operation of Centrifuge, J. Lindley

Using risk graphs for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment, Clive De Salis


Waste Minimisation Guide, B.D. Crittenden,‎ Stan Kolaczkowski

What went wrong! Case studies of process plant disasters and how they could have, Trevor Kletz

2 thoughts on “IChemE Books – All you want for Christmas?”

  1. I am happy to update my 3 books (on Decommissioning, Maintenance and Uncertainty) and would welcome co-workers to do it.


  2. Most of the Kletz books should require little updating – with the exception of “An Engineer’s View of Human Error, 3rd Edition (Paperback), Trevor Kletz”. This could be a priority. I used to use the earlier versions of “Guide to Capital Cost Estimating, 4th Edition, A. M. Gerrard” and imagine it could bear updating and re-issuing


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