It’s a sell out (Day 72)

C0145_13-slider-CEMThe first edition of IChemE’s technical strategy, Chemical Engineering Matters, was a sell out. There are no more copies left.

So I’m pleased to announce that a second edition has been published and you can find the new version of Chemical Engineering Matters here.

The simple statement that is ‘chemical engineering matters’ is not a cliché. It is the truth.

The strategy was first launched in early 2013 and my predecessor, past president Judith Hackitt, championed it as the underpinning philosophy for everything that the institution is doing to support the profession and help advance chemical engineering worldwide.

Now that the baton has been passed to me, I will continue to voice my enthusiasm for this philosophy and reiterate its importance when engaging with members, politicians, the public and anyone else willing to listen.

The second edition outlines the scope, applications and implications of the chemical engineering profession. So, you’re probably asking what’s changed from the first edition.

Well, the ‘vistas’ that outline the four challenge areas of water, energy, food and wellbeing have been slightly adapted to reflect member feedback received so far through our engagement events, or as we like to call them Chemical Engineering Matters road shows.

vista engagement 1At our road shows, we get members to engage with the technical strategy through these four vistas. So I encourage you, as chemical engineers, to identify the areas of the vistas that align with your activity and let me know.

Some of the content has also been amended to describe the progress within chemical engineering over the past year, and in addition, the positive actions that IChemE are now embarking upon have been made more clear and explicit.

I’m a great believer in this strategy and I believe that it is a vital piece of the jigsaw that is working towards sustainable quality of life for all. So please have a read and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Chemical Engineering Matters has proved to be a great tool for engaging with our members, and we make sure to ask chemical engineers the following five questions at our road show events:

  1. What does chemical engineering look like in your region right now?
  2. What challenges do you face?
  3. What opportunities can you see?
  4. Where do you fit in?
  5. What can IChemE do to support you, your colleagues and your employer?

The comments we get back from these questions contribute towards shaping IChemE policy, priorities and actions so that what we do is effective and useful to the profession. So, if you’re a member of IChemE, and want to have your say, please take 5 minutes and post us some answers.

If you would like a printed copy of the strategy, please contact IChemE’s policy and communications team at and they will kindly send you a copy in the post.

One thought on “It’s a sell out (Day 72)”

  1. Pharma SIG is hopefully to take place in a Roadshow. Personally I have always found it difficult to realate these high level documents to the day to day practise of chemical engineering.


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